Watch Repair

Our full-service watch repair store fixes modern quartz watches and restores vintage and mechanical watches. All repairs are completed in house by Gurinsky’s highly skilled watch repair team. Our family specializes in pre-owned Rolex watches and also repairs other major brands such as Luminox, Mido, Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, and Bulova. Typical repairs include stem, crown, crystal and gasket/seal replacement; battery installation; cleaning; and regulating.

Jewelry Repair

The Gurinsky’s family is here to assist with all types of jewelry repairs including ring sizing, chain soldering, prong retipping, diamond and gemstone replacement, shank replacement, and so forth. Our experienced team works with all types of metals, completing repairs in house with a team you know and trust.

Repair Service Guarantee

Gurinsky’s offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee for all repairs. This guarantee is specific to the actual areas of repair and is not valid if another jeweler or watchmaker works with the item after the Gurinsky’s team.